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What exactly is hair loss? 
Hair loss in men and women is a common problem. Hair loss is sometimes otherwise referred to as alopecia or baldness. The problem can exist anywhere on the body, however the most likely and distressing place for this to happen is on the head. There are different types of hair loss and these can occur for a number of reasons which often include: genetic factors and hormonal changes. It is important to remember that some hair loss situations are a temporary measure (chemotherapy for example) so investigation is needed to fully assess what is happening if it is not obviously known. 
What is the treatment for hair loss? 
Hair loss treatment for men and women can take a number of avenues. These are broadly split into two areas – surgical and non-surgical. 
1) Wait and see. Some hair loss remedies itself and may simply be a matter of bearing it or adapting as best as possible until that time. 
2) Treat any underlying problems. Sometimes hair loss can be a symptom or by product of something else. If this is dealt with, the hair loss issue disappears. 
3) Tablets / creams / injections. All these can help with hair loss, or at least alleviate the problem. Advice should be sought before undertaking any of these options. 

Surgical treatment for hair loss 

Surgical procedures for hair loss are obviously far more delicate and require more precision. These types of treatment include hair transplants, artificial hair surgery and also scalp reduction surgery. These can and should only be carried out by a specialist – someone who is qualified to know what you need and talk you through what this may mean. 
Why come to our Birmingham clinic for treatment for hair loss? 
Our Birmingham hair loss clinic, under the instruction of Dr Diaz can produce life changing transformations for both men and women who suffer with this problem. We encourage you to connect with us and explore this option if it is something you are considering. 
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