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Getting the best Hair Implants in Birmingham 


Do you have the requirement for, or are you thinking about hair implants? 
This can be a difficult decision for any individual to make, therefore you want to ensure that you have the best advice. Dr Diaz is a hair surgeon and specialist based in Birmingham, who is able to put you first and at the heart of any procedure. 
What are hair implants? 
Hair implants in the UK are carried out much the same as they are anywhere in the world, although you need to be careful if you are thinking of having hair treatments and hair implants carried out abroad. The process involves removing hair from somewhere you already have it, to a place where there is little or no coverage available. Hair implants and their procedures have changed a lot over the years and today are far more advanced and less painful for the patient. 
What is the main reason why someone would want hair implants? 
Deciding whether to have a hair transplant is an individual choice, as we have mentioned already, but it is not an easy decision. The main reason why someone chooses to explore this avenue is for cosmetic reasons and self-confidence. Losing hair can dent self-confidence and make people feel negative about themselves. Having hair implants can reverse this, thus restoring a persons self-esteem. 
The types of hair implants available 
The main two methods of hair implants which are carried out in this country include Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE.) These types will be explored in more detail on our other pages but essentially the difference between the two is FUE is considered to be the more modern, less invasive option and far more popular with patients who want this type of surgery. 

Recovery time & results 

Recovery can depend on the individuals definition of the term and what procedures have been used. If you have treatment at our Birmingham hair clinic any incision marks should start to heal within a few days and by around a week after the procedure it should not be ‘noticeable’ you have had the surgery. In treatments like FUE, the recovery time is much quicker so feel free to ask and explore your options when you have a consultation. 
Hair should soon start to grow after your procedure and before you know it, you will soon notice a major positive impact. 
Why should you consider our Birmingham hair transplant clinic? 
Our hair clinic is modern and state of the art. 
We offer pleasant surroundings with a clean and comfortable environment for your hair implant procedure. 
Dr Diaz is a leading hair specialist, practicing within Birmingham. 
For more information on hair implants, browse our pages where you will find details about specific treatments. 
If you would like to find out more about hair implants then please contact our Birmingham hair clinic for further information on 0800 0443917 
" Second time FUT (strip) I could tell Dr Diaz had my interests at heart which was very comforting. I again felt well supported by Arran and the rest of the team." 
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A mole that looks different from your other moles or feels itchy, hard, bumpy, swollen or tender to the touch 
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