Posts from March 2019

Caffeine shampoo is a product that’s been filling the shelves of our local supermarkets and drugstores for quite some time, having won its success by drawing people to the many benefits it’s said to hold; such as hair regrowth, and the prevention of hair loss. These claims are based upon the results of a 2007 lab experiment that found caffeine stimulated the regrowth of hair follicles in a petri dish. But how do these results reflect upon the effectiveness of caffeine shampoo? Does the product work as well as it is said to? 
With the ever-apparent rise of social media popularity, and more of us obsessing over our physical appearances than ever before, we find ourselves reaching to the quick and easy remedies to fix our beauty mishaps. But how well do these products really work? Do they offer a permanent solution, and are they worth it in the long run? 
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