Posts from April 2018

Shaving your head can seem like a great way to hide your hair loss. Some people even shave their heads as part of their style, especially if it is considered trendy at the time. Many celebrities have been known to use the bald look as their trademark. But is it advisable to shave your hair if you are suffering from hair loss? For most people, shaving the head would not be ideal. 
According to recent statistics, hair loss affects up to 40% of men by the age of 35 and up to 40% of women by the time they reach 40. Everyone knows about hair loss and the worry of it can be a problem – this is nothing new. Hair thinning can cause significant distress and may seem an irreversible condition, but researchers have recently uncovered a possible link between melatonin and hair growth. 
After a patient has made the big decision to undergo hair loss surgery, it is essential that they know exactly what to expect. The process of hair loss surgery can be a little slow for some patients: hair grows slowly, and it can take a long time to see the results that they have been hoping for. With time and care however, post-surgery patients will see a big improvement. 
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