Posts from March 2018

What are hair thickening shampoos, and will they work? 
If you are unfortunate enough to suffer with thin hair, there is no doubt that you have thought about using a hair thickening Shampoo. The trouble is the amount of choice on the market and the usually hefty price tag are likely to put you off. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to spend £30+ on a bottle of shampoo, only to find it makes no difference. 
Apart from the normal aging process, people can lose their hair because of medical conditions such as diabetes, stress, autoimmune disorders, lack of sleep and vitamin deficiencies. Some people just ‘naturally’ seem to lose their hair. If you fall into any of these categories, then there is hope to avoid losing your hair, by simply making a few changes to your daily diet. Following are a few of the best foods to eat for hair loss prevention may help… 
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